Total QBR: Strong AFC West play

A look at the AFC West Total QBR leaders through Week 3:

Overall, the group is doing very well and the division's four quarterbacks are ranked in the upper half of the league:

1. Peyton Manning, Denver

Total QBR: 70.0

NFL rank: 9

Comment: Manning was much cleaner in Week 3 than in Week 2.

2. Carson Palmer, Oakland

Total QBR: 67.9

NFL rank: 11

Comment: Palmer was very efficient in the Raiders’ Week 3 victory over Pittsburgh.

3. Philip Rivers, San Diego

Total QBR: 64.8

NFL rank: 15

Comment: Rivers took a step back in Week 3.

4. Matt Cassel, Kansas City

Total QBR: 59.3

NFL rank: 16

Comment: Cassel made several big plays in the Chiefs’ Week 3 win.