Chat Wrap: Is Miles Burris the future?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Chad from MileHigh: I think the Broncos should come out in the No Huddle right off the bat from now on. The slow starts have killed the last two weeks. The efficiency is so much higher when they go into Peyton's No Huddle. Thoughts??

Bill Williamson: I could see that being considered if the slow starts persists. The number doesn’t lie, the Broncos have been better in the no huddle. Manning seems very comfortable in it.


Mark from Kansas City: Do you anticipate Lilja and Allen to have a strong showing in Kansas City on Sunday? The pair looked surprisingly solid against the Saints after Hudson left the game.

BW: Sometimes emotions take over. The big test will be this week.


Mark from Toronto: What's the word on Aaron Curry? He's eligible to be back in a few weeks, but is there any chance he actually will be? And if he is, does he sit behind Burris?

BW: He has a chance to come back in about three weeks. It will be interesting to see whether Burris keeps his job. Earlier Thursday, on SportsCenter, Mel Kiper said Burris was the most surprising rookie in the NFL. He was a fourth-round pick. He is making a difference. I think he had a chance to be a long-time starter.


Stacy from Denver, CO.: Is Ryan Mathews ever going to get it? The concerns of injury and fumbling have emerged again very quickly this year.

BW: I understand the question. He is very talented, but at some point, he must stay healthy and must keep the ball in his hands. It is time.