Blogger Blitz: Cassel should remain starter

The Matt Cassel topic in Kansas City is percolating. Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if backup Brady Quinn gets a chance to play if Cassel further falters, perhaps as soon as Sunday against Baltimore at a restless Arrowhead Stadium.

I’m not in favor of it because I don’t think Quinn gives the 1-3 Chiefs a better chance of turning things around and making the playoffs than Cassel does.

Don’t get me wrong. If Cassel continues to flounder, the Chiefs need to move on from him next year. But if Quinn or Ricky Stanzi is given the starting job in the next few weeks, it is a clear sign the Chiefs are doing it with the idea of securing a high draft pick and getting a rookie quarterback rather than making a serious playoff push in 2012. I’m not sure you can make that franchise-altering decision after just four games.