Mailbag: Berry-Weddle revisited

Weekend mail call:

Andrew Varnell from Boulder, Colo., wants to know what 2011 Denver quarterback would make the better starter for his current team.

Bill Williamson: You bring up a great point, Andrew. There are brewing controversies involving all three signal-callers who moved on during or after last season, a tumultuous one in Denver. Brady Quinn could push Matt Cassel in Kansas City, Tim Tebow could push Mark Sanchez with the Jets and there have been some calls for Kyle Orton to take over for Tony Romo in Dallas. I’m not sure if any of those scenarios will happen. The longest shot is Orton taking over for Romo -- I can’t see Jerry Jones pulling the plug. That said, I think Orton is the best of the three former Broncos. Perhaps Kansas City should have tried harder to keep Orton in free agency. I’d have a better feeling about him taking over for Cassel than Quinn.

Joseph McGready from Los Angeles wants to know if I still rank Kansas City safety Eric Berry over San Diego safety Eric Weddle.

BW: A lot of fans seem all hopped up over this. I had both players ranked in the top 15 in the division. It’s not like I dismissed Weddle, who is one of my favorite players. I went with Berry because he was younger and has a huge ceiling. But Weddle is a special player, too. And right now, four games into the 2012 season, Weddle has been the better player -- indeed, he has been one of the best safeties in the game. He has had a tremendous start and is a key cog in a much-improved defense. Berry is still coming back from a major knee injury. He will be great. But, yes, Weddle has been better this season, no doubt.

Todd Ouellette from Missouri wants to know what I think of Oakland defensive lineman Desmond Bryant.

BW: A lot of Oakland fans are excited about Bryant, because he has made some plays from a reserve role and because veterans Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly both appear to be slowing down. Bryant, 26, is athletic and I bet he will see more playing time as the season progresses if Oakland’s starters continue to struggle.