Breaking down Jaws' QB rankings

Ron Jaworski has revisited his NFL quarterback rankingsInsider at the quarter-point of the season in an Insider piece. Let’s take a look at where he puts AFC West signal-callers:

Peyton Manning, Denver

Ranking: 4

Comment: Manning is still a high-level quarterback, no doubt.

Philip Rivers, San Diego

Ranking: 10

Comment: I think Rivers is a tad underranked. His numbers are down, but he has been efficient and is not working with a great supporting cast right now.

Carson Palmer, Oakland

Ranking: 22

Comment: Jaworski’s comments about Palmer are better than his ranking -- Palmer still has plenty of ability.

Matt Cassel, Kansas City

Ranking: 28

Comment: The pressure is on Cassel, who is candidate to be replaced at any time. This ranking is not surprising.