Moving on: Kansas City Chiefs

Here are some areas the Kansas City Chiefs need to focus on after a 9-6 home loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday:

Recap: Kansas City's season is spiraling out of control. Considered by many (yes, me included) to be a serious playoff contender, the Chiefs are 1-4 and do not look like they are close to figuring out their problems. Embattled quarterback Matt Cassel left in the fourth quarter with a head injury and he was replaced by Brady Quinn, who many Kansas City fans have been calling for. After the game, right tackle Eric Winston went on a long tirade, berating fans who he said were cheering when Cassel was hurt. This came on a day in which some fans paid for a plane to fly over the parking lot, imploring ownership to fire general manager Scott Pioli and bench Cassel.

Biggest area to fix: The quarterback situation. There are no real options here, but the Chiefs’ problems will continue until there is improvement. Both Cassel and the coaching staff (Cassel was allowed to throw just 15 times Sunday) appeared to be rattled. I expect the Chiefs to be very cautious with Cassel’s injury and I’d expect the team to take this time to get Quinn work with the first-team offense and allow him to play at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Biggest area to build on: The defense, which is riddled by injuries, has improved greatly in the past three weeks. After allowing 75 points in the first two games, Kansas City has allowed 70 points in the past three games.

What to watch for: Quinn is the player to watch. If he plays at Tampa Bay, how well will he do in what would be his first start since 2009?