Mailbag: Orton better option in K.C.?

Midweek mail call:

Stephen Garner from Eldorado, Ark., wants to know if I think Denver could cut suspended linebacker D.J. Williams.

Bill Williamson: It’s an interesting question. Williams has four more games of his two-tiered suspension. I think it is a possibility, but I think he will likely be kept. He is talented and can help the team down the stretch. But I do think the team has mentally moved on from Williams for the long run. At this point, I’d be shocked if he was back in Denver next year.

Zach Owsley from Dyersburg, Tenn., wants to know if think the Chiefs should have kept quarterback Kyle Orton.

BW: He left Kansas City because Dallas was offering him big money to be the backup. But it is a fair question, at this point, to wonder if the Chiefs should have paid him enough to stay and compete with Matt Cassel. Having Orton would put the Chiefs in a much better spot than they are currently in.

Jon Goodwin from Chicago wants to know if first-year Oakland defensive coordinator Jason Tarver is on the hot seat.

BW: Yes, the Oakland defense has been awful. It has allowed 125 points and is suffering in several aspects of the game. But I wouldn’t pin it all on Tarver. Head coach Dennis Allen is a defensive specialist, so he’s part of it as well.