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Eric Winston said he has gotten support for his rant on Sunday and doesn’t regret saying what he did.

Sunday, Winston ripped some fans who he said cheered when embattled Kansas City starting quarterback Matt Cassel went down with a head injury. Winston, of course, has taken some heat for his words.

“I stand by what I said. I was there; I was on the field. It was obvious to me, but like I said, people are going to make their own conclusions,” Winston told a Houston radio station. “I’ve had a lot of support. I’ve had a lot of people that have emailed me from around the league. I had a person, today, stop me in my car when I was leaving the store and they just wanted to say, ‘Thank you.’ … I’ve had a lot of people that were there, teammates that their families were talking about it after the game. It wasn’t just me. … The only thing that matters to me in this game is the respect of your teammates and the respect of your peers.”

I understand both sides of this saga. But I think it is best for everyone involved if Winston doesn’t address it anymore. It’s time for everyone to move on.

Meanwhile, in our AFC West poll, voters were overwhelmingly behind Winston.

In other AFC West news:

The Chiefs signed center Bryan Mattison and cut defensive back Neiko Thorpe. It's the reverse of a move they made Saturday because of needs at defensive back in Week 5.

The Chargers haven’t had much fourth-quarter magic lately.

Denver reserve cornerback Tony Carter apologized for an insensitive tweet.

Former Denver safety Steve Atwater has been elected to the Colorado sports hall of fame.

Buffalo signed offensive lineman Reggie Wells. He had been on and off the Chargers’ roster for the past several weeks.

As expected, injured Oakland linebacker Aaron Curry is on pace to practice next week. If there is not a setback, he could come back in a few weeks. The Raiders could certainly use the help.