Report: Chiefs want to extend Pioli

As if there hasn’t been enough intrigue in Kansas City recently.

In midst of a tumultuous period for the franchise, CBS reported Sunday that Kansas City ownership offered general manger Scott Pioli a two-year contract extension earlier this season. The report said that the deal is not done and the report said Pioli and the Chiefs have no comment.

I am not surprised by this report. I’ve long sensed Pioli has the full support of team ownership. I don’t think Pioli is going anywhere and overall he has done a good job of building the program since being hired in 2009.

However, the timing of an extension is not great. The Chiefs are 1-4 and there has been a lot of chatter in the fan base for the team to fire Pioli. In fact, last week, some fans paid for a plane to fly a banner near Arrowhead Stadium during a game, urging the team to fire Pioli and bench quarterback Matt Cassel, the Kansas City player Pioli is most connected to.

Again, I don’t think Pioli is going anywhere and I can see this extension getting done, but I can also see why the team would like to keep that business quiet until it can have some success on the field.

UPDATE: The Kansas City Star reports the Chiefs have not made Pioli a contract extension offer.

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