By the numbers: Best in West

Here is a look at the division leaders in some key statistical categories after Week 6:

Passing yards

  • Player: Peyton Manning, Denver

  • Yards: 1,808

  • Comment: Manning is putting together MVP numbers.

Rushing yards

  • Player: Jamaal Charles, Kansas City

  • Yards: 591

  • Comment: Charles is first in the NFL in this category.


  • Player: Demaryius Thomas, Denver

  • Yards: 542

  • Comment: Thomas is making a Pro Bowl push.


  • Player: Derrick Johnson, Kansas City

  • Total: 50

  • Comment: He is a steady force in a miserable season for the Chiefs.



  • Player: Several are tied.

  • Interceptions: 2

  • Comment: This logjam will eventually sort itself out.