Chat wrap: Chargers need to run more

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Ricky Nattiel from San Francisco: Bill. This may be a question you'll address in a couple weeks, but how do you see DJ Williams fitting back into the Broncos defense after his suspension? Do you see the defense improving overall and will his presence allow Del Rio to be more creative with different packages/blitzes- etc..??

Bill Williamson: He will be back for the final seven games. He practiced very little during camp, so he will need some time to knock the rust off. I think he can help in some packages for sure because Denver is fairly weak at two of the three linebacker spots. But I don’t think the team trusts Williams much, so they aren't counting on much.


Jordan from KC: Any chance we see Pioli out of KC before the end of the season? Or hopefully earlier?

BW: The only way Pioli isn't back, in my opinion, is if ownership caves to fan complaints and that could happen. If this thing finishes 2-14, 3-13, the Hunts could be pressured to blow it up, but I don't think they want to.


Tarek from NYC: Do you think McClain is on his way out of Oakland. Reggie and Allen have already showed they don't have deep ties to anyone who was drafted by Al and McClain has still not developed into a solid starter.

BW: I don't think he is becoming one of their favorite holdovers, let's put it that way. Does that mean he will be gone next year/ I'm not sure the Raiders are ready to make that move, but he has to get it together to be in their long-term plans.


Leland from Denver City, Texas: Any chance we see the Norv Turner everyone spoke about at the beginning of the season that "loves to run the ball?" I'm tired of seeing Rivers drop back 40 times in a game we are leading by double digits.

BW: It's all about getting Mathews more involved. I agree. That has to be a focus after the bye.