Are Broncos AFC's best team?

The Football Outsiders think a lot of the Denver Broncos.

In an Insider piece, they peg the Broncos as the AFC’s highest-rated team and believe the Broncos are highly underrated.

This is, of course, interesting considering the Broncos are 3-3 and the Houston Texans reside in the AFC. The Texans are 6-1 and handled the Broncos in Denver in Week 3.

Still, the Football Outsiders believe Denver is the team to win the conference. They point to the brilliant play of quarterback Peyton Manning, an easing schedule and an improving roster to believe the Broncos could be on their way to great things.

I can see the point, but I’m not ready to proclaim Denver as the best team in the conference quite yet. I need to see more consistency on both sides of the ball first. What are your thoughts?