Hali's Oakland comments are stale

I’ve never been big on empty talk.

Anybody can say anything. It doesn’t make it true. I think Tamba Hali might be guilty of this useless exercise.

The Chiefs’ wonderful pass-rusher told reporters Wednesday that he thinks the Oakland Raiders are a dirty team. Via the Kansas City Star, this is part of what Hali had to say: “It’s a tradition ... They come in, they cheap-shot, they hit you. I'm not saying no names.’’

OK, what’s new here? I think Hali might be just trying to get his team fired up to face the Raiders, who visit Arrowhead on Sunday.

Sure, the Raiders have a history of being dirty. But this team doesn’t strike me as being dirty. Sure, Richard Seymour has racked up his share of personal fouls as a Raider, but this team is not considered as one of the league’s most dirty teams. First-year coach Dennis Allen is working to cut down on penalties, and he doesn’t seem to be the type who tolerates cheap shots.

So, I think Hali’s comments might be outdated. Sure, it creates some excitement for a game between teams with a combined three wins, but it doesn’t make it correct or fair.