Brady Quinn unpopular? Not in K.C.

I don’t think this poll was taken in Kansas City. Not recently, at least.

A Forbes poll come up with the top 10 most and least liked NFL players. Curiously, at No. 10 of the least liked players is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn.

Quinn was named the starting quarterback in Kansas City this week, replacing Matt Cassel. Chiefs fans are delighted by the move.

I find it strange that Quinn would be on the list, anyway. Until Week 6, when he replaced an injured Cassel, he hadn’t started a game in three years. Perhaps there are a lot of Cleveland Browns fans who are still mad at Quinn for flopping as a first-round pick in 2007.

The same theory may be at play for Oakland Raiders backup Matt Leinart. He is No. 5 on the least-liked list. Sounds like a lot of angry Arizona fans are upset at the former 2006 first-round pick. I just can’t buy Quinn and Leinart being these villain types.

Meanwhile, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is No. 4 on the most-liked list. No surprise there. He’s a future hall of famer, he’s uber recognizable because of his countless commercials and he’s always been a positive person in the community.

In other AFC West news;

The most popular 14-year-old boy in the Denver area? None other than Peyton Manning. The other Peyton Manning in town said he has invited his namesake out to meet him and his Broncos’ teammates.

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