Tim Tebow back to the AFC West?

Before any further explaining, Oakland fans, scroll immediately to the bottom of this post. It is going to cause a major stir in the comments section. Hope you all have you’re "A" game on.

OK, here we go. Chris Sprow looks at 15 NFL trades he thinks should happen. Again, these are deals he thinks should happen. He is not reporting that they are going to happen.

There are few NFL trades executed at deadline. The deadline is Thursday at 4 p.m. ET. The one big name in the AFC who could possibly be dealt is Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe, but the chances of a Bowe deal seem remote. The Chiefs play at San Diego on Thursday night and I doubt a deal would be done at this point.

However, Bowe is featured prominently on Sprow’s list and he puts together several trades involving the division.

None are more shocking, intriguing and wild than that Oakland deal I alluded to above. Again, there’s likely less than a 1 percent chance of it happening. And, again, it’s Sprow’s list. It’s not mine.

Commence the wild reaction.