AFC West notes

In an Insider piece, our playoff predictor projectsInsider that the AFC West is all but over. How confident is it that the Broncos will win the division? How about 99.2 percent sure?

Former Kansas City coach Marty Schottenheimer told USA Today that he does keep in touch with the team’s ownership, but he does not want to coach again and he supports the current team’s brass. Schottenheimer is a sounding board to the Hunt family and I'm sure he will continue to be in the future. It seems like he will remain simply a sounding board, however.

David Garrard is ready to work out for some teams. Could Kansas City be interested? I think the only way there would be a fit is if there is an injury. At this point, with the Chiefs 1-8 and Garrard being 34 and rusty, I’m not sure the team should be rushing to examine him. It’s not like he could be the quarterback of the future.

Mel Kiper Jr. expects a strong finish by Denver rookie defensive lineman Derek WolfeInsider in an Insider piece.