Mailbag: Mike Glennon on Chiefs' radar?

Weekend mail call:

Derek from Kansas City wants to know if North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon could be on the Chiefs’ radar.

Bill Williamson: You know, I think he really could. Some quarterbacks always rise in the offseason and I think Glennon will be one of those quarterback, Matt Barkley’s stock is falling and Glennon’s is rising. The question is will Glennon’s stock rise to the point where the Chiefs draft. Kansas City is currently are on pace for the No. 1 pick. Perhaps the Chiefs could trade down a few slots, get more picks and take Glennon.

Mario from Colorado Springs wants to know if I think the Broncos will give Ryan Clady a big-money contract.

BW: If the Broncos don’t give Clady big money somebody else will. The two sides tried to finalize a deal before the season and were unable to do so. Clady’s salary request is not going to go down. He is having a tremendous season. If Denver doesn’t get a deal done, he will certainly be given the franchise tag.

Mason from San Francisco wants to know if I think the Raiders could bring back Hue Jackson as head coach.

BW: How many ways can I say "no?" It simply will not happen. Jackson was a good coach, but his act wore thin and he ran his mouth too much for the liking of some key people in the organization. We will see Jackson as an opposing assistant coach Sunday in Cincinnati, but that’s the only time we will see him at an Oakland game.