Broncos bound for No. 2 seed?

ESPN.com’s playoff predictor,Insider an Insider piece, believes there is no chance the Denver Broncos will be watching the playoffs from the outside. It gives Denver a 100 percent chance to make the playoffs and predicts the Broncos will be the No. 2 seed and receive a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

If Denver can get the first-round bye, it would have to be considered a serious Super Bowl contender. The key game is Week 15 at Baltimore. If the Broncos want to secure a bye, they may need to win that game.

In other AFC West news:

In an Insider piece, the Football Outsiders Insider look at Philip Rivers’ issues and whether the Chargers should replace him. My take: Give him some help on the line and at the skill positions.

ESPN’s Andrew Brandt looks at the ramifications the new marijuana law in Colorado has on NFL players.

In a radio interview, backup Denver running back Lance Ball said there is no reason to panic because of the knee injury to starter Willis McGahee. He is expected to be out six to eight weeks.