What's going on with Rolando McClain?

What is going on with Rolando McClain?

We don’t know exactly what, but something is clearly going on it. Perhaps Thursday will bring some clarity.

McClain was not a practice Wednesday and coach Dennis Allen only said it was due to a team-related issue and that McClain wasn’t injured. Allen said he did not know if McClain would be at practice Thursday. That was curious enough.

Then, McClain reportedly wrote on his Facebook page he was no longer a Raider. Yet, he was not waived Wednesday and the team indicated he is still on the roster.

Perhaps that will change Thursday. Something will have to give soon.

McClain, the No. 8 overall pick in the 2010 draft, has been spotty on the field. His play hasn’t improved this season under Oakland’s new regime, and there have been games when his playing time was reduced. Oakland’s defense, as a whole, has been terrible this season.

If McClain is cut, he will likely be claimed by a team with the idea of saving his career. Regardless if McClain is kept this week or not, Oakland will likely look for a middle linebacker in the draft next year with a possible eye on Notre Dame star Manti T’eo.