Chat Wrap: Manti T'eo to Oakland?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Chuck from Omaha: Do you think the Broncos might snag Rolando McClain (if he is cut)? If so do you think some solid coaching from fox and del Rio might bring out the potential he showed before he was drafted?

Bill Williamson: (If cut), I can see him being considered. He could help. But he will need a lot of coaching and things are going so well, I'm not sure Denver will want to deal with it right now. But I wouldn't be shocked. If I had to say there was a McClain favorite in the AFC West, I'd think it would be Denver.


John from Missouri: If you were GM of the Chiefs, would you draft TEO with the #1 pick and possibly pick QB Glennon in the 2nd round... I don't think there is a franchise QB in Barkley or Geno Smith.

BW: That's tricky because no QB taken in the second round can be expected to come in and start and the Chiefs need a starting QB, I'd almost rather see them trade down a few spots, get some picks and take someone like Geno Smith at No. 10 or so.


Andy from Chicago: Where do you see Manti T’eo getting drafted? Would the Raiders be interested in him now that McClain is gone?

BW: Top-five guy. Oakland currently on pace for No. 4 pick. Raiders would love him. I think they are a top contender to get him. Mel Kiper thinks he could end up in K.C. at No. 1, though.


Dan from Milwaukee: Walk me off the Charger Cliff BW. The Andy Reid rumors make me nauseous. I don't see the fit. The Eagles are Chargers East. Arians? John Pagano? Perry Fewell?

BW: I don't think Reid would be terrible, but I get it. Trading one veteran flameout for another is not exactly inspiring. But Reid is a good coach and he may be recharged in San Diego. But I think they may be other options.