Chat wrap: Chargers' draft needs

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


James from Denver: Do you see the Broncos going after a running back with McGahee nearing the end of his career? If so in the draft or FA?

Bill Williamson: Depends on Moreno. This is his chance to impress the team. They also have Hillman. But I could see another piece being part in some form.


JP from New York City: As a KC fan, do you see Bruce Arians as a HC possibility and how about trading for Cousins or Matt Flynn?

BW: I like Arians as a possible Chiefs' candidate a lot. I think a look at Cousins could be smart, too. It's not a great rookie class. It might be worth a third-round pick.


Ryan from Lake Tahoe, CA.: How many more wins will it take for Dennis Allen to save his job? Every loss, his seat gets hotter. Us RaiderNation want stability, but 3-13 doesn't sound good, even if we are rebuilding.

BW: That's up to Mark Davis. I think 3-13 would not make him pleased at all. Oakland needs to win against the Chiefs in their last home game. Another thing we haven't mentioned much, but the Raiders are 3-10 with a pretty easy schedule. That won't please Davis.


Andrew from Norfolk, VA.: BW, as a Charger fan this year has been up and down as far as the excitement level. I'm happy to see Norv and AJ finally getting walking papers. But as far as the draft goes we should end up with a top15 maybe even top10 pick this year. I’d say that CB is the most pressing need defensively for us. Do you agree? And is there anyone that could be available in this range that would be worth the pick?

BW: I think they need to look at an OL first and then decide the market as far as value goes. But that is the greatest need.