Mailbag: Will Chiefs pursue Cousins?

Weekend mail call:

Nate from Blacksburg, Va., wants to know if I think the Chiefs could pursue Washington backup quarterback Kirk Cousins in a trade with Washington.

Bill Williamson: Of course, it all depends on who is running the Chiefs. But the bottom line is the Chiefs will need to get a quarterback through a trade, free agency or in the draft. It’s their top need. Because free agency and the draft prospects don’t look like they will present any slam-dunk answers, it may be worth offering a second- or a third-round pick to Washington for Cousins. He was a fourth-round pick this year and he has looked good in a limited role. But it is unknown if the Redskins will be willing to trade Cousin. If so, I think the Chiefs need to consider it.

Gary Johnson from Cocoa, Fla., wants to know if I think the Chargers should draft Notre Dame inside linebacker Manti T’eo.

BW: I think the offensive line will be the Chargers’ first priority. There should be enough talent there to fill that need for San Diego. However, as a fallback, I do see T’eo as an intriguing value pick for San Diego. This is a young, talented defense. Adding T’eo to the mix can make the unit special. But the offensive line has to be fixed in free agency or in the draft.

Greg from Denver wants to know if I think Denver defensive lineman Derek Wolfe has a chance to win the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

BW: Wolfe has been terrific. He has been a Day 1 starter and he is a productive part of a good defense. He seems to have a fine career in front of him. But I’d be surprised if he won the award. The front runner has to be Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly, who is second in the NFL with 138 tackles.