Kansas City: Moving On

Here are some areas the Kansas City Chiefs need to focus on after a 20-13 home loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday:

Recap: The Chiefs played tough, but they couldn’t stop the Colts from clinching a playoff berth. Kansas City is 2-13. It will clinch the No. 1 overall pick in the draft with a loss or a Jacksonville Jaguars loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Biggest area to fix: Passing offense. It was awful Sunday and it has been awful all season. It is the Chiefs’ biggest issues to address in the offseason.

Biggest area to build on: Run offense. The Chiefs had 352 yards rushing. It was the most in game in team history since 1966. It was also the most an NFL team has ever run for in a loss. Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis were the dynamic duo the team envisioned when they put the pair together this year.

What to watch for: The Chiefs play at the Denver Broncos with hopes of affecting Denver's playoff seeding.