Schefter: Chiefs mulling big change

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Sunday that he expects the Kansas City Chiefs to fire coach Romeo Crennel.

As for general manager Scott Pioli, Schefter reports the Chiefs -- mired in a miserable 2-13 season -- are leaning toward firing Pioli.

If I had to guess, I’d say both Crennel and Pioli are going to be fired. They are a package deal. I think if the Hunt family had its druthers, it would give both men another chance. But the fan fury is so great in Kansas City, I think the Hunts will be compelled to make a move.

I don’t think firing one of the two and keeping the other will work.

Pioli has hired two coaches -- Todd Haley and Crennel -- since joining the Chiefs in 2009. I don’t necessarily think he will get a chance to hire a third. If that is what is the case, I think the Chiefs will likely make a clean sweep and hire a new general manager (Bill Polian, anyone?) first and then a head coach.

We shall soon see. I don’t think the Hunts will wait long before making a decision.