AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

Mark from Newport News, Va., wants to know if I thought Tony Dungy advising Michael Vick against signing with Oakland was a bad idea because he would have a better chance of playing in Oakland than in Philadelphia.

Bill Williamson: I think this year is about getting Vick acclimated to playing in the NFL again, and, frankly, getting him acclimated to being a free man again. If Dungy thought Oakland wasn’t a stable place for Vick, then Vick should have listened. I don’t think Oakland was all that interested, anyway, so it is kind of a moot point.

John from Albany, N.Y., wants to know if Kansas City linebacker Derrick Johnson is underperforming.

BW: Johnson lost some playing time to Demorrio Williams because the Chiefs thought Williams was playing better. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has talked up Williams instead of ripping Johnson. Still, there is room for Johnson in Kansas City. But if he doesn’t play up to Haley’s expectations, Johnson will be back in the doghouse.

Connor Willsey from Kansas City wants to know if I think former Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen is overrated.

BW: I think the answer is whether the Chiefs miss him or not. Of course they do. Allen is a premier pass-rusher who strikes fear in opponents. Every Minnesota opponent has to game plan for Allen. That was the case before his 2008 trade in Kansas City as well. He is a game-changer. The Chiefs desperately miss his presence. So, no, Allen is not overrated.