Bill O'Brien off Chargers' wish list

Earlier in the week, there was a report that the San Diego Chargers wanted to talk to Penn State coach Bill O’Brien. But it was no sure thing he’d make himself available.

Thursday, he did, then he took himself off the market. CBS Sports reports that O’Brien will stay at Penn State after he interviewed with the Browns this week.

Cross an intriguing name off the Chargers list.

A lot of people I talked to thought O’Brien would be a perfect fit for the Chargers. He is an offensive mind and the Chargers need a spark offensively. Many people thought O’Brien -- a former New England offensive coordinator -- would be a great influence on Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, who has struggled the past couple seasons.

With O’Brien out of the picture, the Chargers will still plug along. While they run their general-manager search, the coaching names that have been connected to San Diego thus far are Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, Andy Reid (who could become the Chiefs’ coach in the next 24 hours) and Lovie Smith.