Andy Reid knows what is ahead of him

As he begins his era in Kansas City, Andy Reid talked extremely about his two pressing jobs with the franchise during his introductory news conference Monday -- the quarterback position and the draft.

Both are vital to the Chiefs as Reid’s tenure begins. The Chiefs badly need to find a quarterback and they have to score with the No. 1 overall pick after a 2-14 season. It is clear Reid realizes the importance of both areas.

Reid said he will try to figure out the quarterback situation right away.

“The quarterback position, I’m going to dig in and look at that and we’ll build that thing,” Reid said earlier in the news conference. “We’ll see how that whole thing builds out. I need to spend some time working at it, though. I’ve got to find that next Len Dawson, doggone it. It might be right here, it might not.”

Allow me to help. Reid's quarterback of the future is not on the Chiefs’ roster and I think he knows it. There are many options he can look at in the coming weeks and it should bode well that Reid is looking forward to the process.

I liked what Reid had to say about this draft. He made it clear he won’t try to force the quarterback issue with the pick.

"We've been blessed with the No. 1 pick in the draft. You want to make sure you do the right thing and pick the right thing for that. Not necessarily a quarterback, it doesn't have to be a quarterback. It has to be the right thing."

I totally agree. Nothing is more crushing to a franchise than whiffing on the top pick. If the Chiefs don’t think a quarterback such as Geno Smith is worth the No. 1 pick, he shouldn’t be the pick. The top of the draft is teeming with defensive talent that doesn’t necessarily fit the Chiefs’ needs. But adding a top talent to a defense with potential is better than forcing a quarterback if the team doesn’t think that particular player is worthy of the top pick.

Reid and his staff will come to a decision in April, but it seems like he has the right approach already.

Here are some other topics of interest from the news conference:

Reid said he is open to keeping a 3-4 defense: "I'm evaluating that right now. I understand the value in both. I've been a 4-3 guy, I've played against the 3-4, so I got it. I understand. There's been an effort to bring in players that work in the 3-4 so I'll look at that first and go from there."

On working for the Hunt family: "I've been in this league a long time, and there are certain families that stand out. The Hunt family is top. Phenomenal."

On the hiring of a general manager: "I'm leaving that up to Clark. I'll sit in on the interview with him but the final decision is his."

That may be true, but the odds are Reid’s good friend and former Green Bay colleague John Dorsey will be the general manager and his right-hand man. Reid also said he has interviewed the coaches who are under contract from the previous regime.