Could Eagles pursue Terrelle Pryor?

Chip Kelly wanted Terrelle Pryor to be his quarterback once before.

Now that Kelly is entering the NFL and he is bringing his unique offense from the college ranks, could Kelly try to work with Pryor again?

Chris Sprow lists Pryor as a potential target of Kelly as he begins his tenure as the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kelly’s fast-paced offense relies on a big, fast running quarterback. Pryor fits that bill.

That’s why Kelly heavily recruited Pryor to Oregon. Pryor said he was intrigued, but he ended up staying close to home and he went to Ohio State.

It would be far from a given to think Pryor would be atop Kelly’s wish list. But because of the previous interest and the scheme fit, Sprow is right. Pryor belongs on the list.

Pryor showed some promise in a season-ending loss at San Diego when he started for the injured Carson Palmer. Still, Pryor is considered raw and, at best, he will be Oakland’s backup next season.

Oakland doesn’t have a second- or a fifth-round pick in the April draft. Because Oakland’s brass is likely not totally committed to Pryor, I could see it listening to the Eagles if it was offered a solid draft pick for Pryor because the Raiders have several immediate needs.

Again, I’m not saying Pryor is the perfect answer for Kelly, but there’s enough dot connecting here to think he could be on Kelly’s list moving forward.