Gase gets Manning, no question about it

Adam Gase, the new Denver Broncos’ offensive coordinator, learned a valuable lesson in 2012 as Peyton Manning’s quarterbacks coach. Gase knows he needs to be as well versed as possible when dealing with Manning in his new job.

“I think (we) probably helped each other because I think he appreciates when he sees guys trying to do what he does—grind like he does,” Gase said in a conference call with media Thursday. “I think that’s what he’s looking for with everybody in the building. He gravitates to people like that. I tried to do that 100 percent, just get after it as much as possible, get him as many answers as he needed for that week.”

Gase was asked if Manning ever stopped asking questions in 2012?

“That would be a firm ‘No,’ ” Gase said. “His questions are always productive and great questions. When he asks questions, you’re sitting there going, ‘Gosh, that’s a great question.’ You’re sitting there thinking, you almost want to say to yourself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that? That’s a great question to ask.’ You’ve got to find answers. If you don’t know the answers that second, you better go investigate and find out what the answers are.”

Gase does have an answer how he wants his offense to play in 2013 -- “fast.”

“Our offense is really looking to dictate what the defense does and not react to what they’re doing,” Gase said. “The pace of the game, we’re looking to play as fast as possible and put Peyton Manning in a position to play as fast as he can play.”

And to answer as many questions as possible.