Chat wrap: Reid can help Baldwin

Here is a look at some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Tod from Sedona, Ariz.: Bill, don't you bring in Peyton Manning specifically for a situation where you can win a playoff game by getting into field goal range with 31 seconds left and two time outs?

Bill Williamson: I don't totally blame Fox. If there were 40 more seconds, I'd say you definitely have to go for it. I do think if they ran some plays there, they would have gotten the shock out of the way. They seemed shocked in OT.

Kansas City

JJ from Indy: What do the Chiefs do with Jon Baldwin this offseason?

BW: Coach him up. Got to make it work. It's a clean slate for him. Reid has had good success with WRs.


Steve from NY: Do you think that Lamarr Houston is better suited to play DT than DE?

BW: I think he is a horse who can do whatever the coaches want him to do. Like him a lot.

San Diego

Isaac from San Diego: Do you think the Chargers are that far away from playoff contention next season??

BW: You never know how quickly things can change. It happens all the time. I think the key is giving Rivers better protection.