Toub gets kick out of Chiefs' talent

Last week, Kansas City Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt said he wants to remain with the team. Colquitt, who is coming off a Pro Bowl berth, is about to enter free agency.

New Kansas City special teams coach Dave Toub, considered one of the best special teams coaches in the NFL, talked to reporters on Monday during a conference call and made it clear he wants to re-sign Colquitt.

“There are a lot of guys I like. I think there are some young players coming up that look pretty good. I particularly like our punter, I like him a lot,” said Toub, who came from Chicago. “I’ve never really had a punter that bombed a ball like this, we’ve had directional punters with Brad Maynard and Adam Podlesh before, and we were a directional cover team where we were going to try to kick the ball outside the numbers. Whereas Dustin, he more kind of bombs the ball. He’s working on being directional, but he’s going to bomb the ball and give you good hang time and distance at the same time. We’ll have to adjust a little bit more to him because he is quite the athlete.”

Of course, Toub doesn’t make the decision. But I’m sure new Kansas City coach Andy Reid and new Kansas City general manager John Dorsey will agree with Toub and make re-signing Colquitt a priority.

Toub, who was blessed for the past seven years by the presence of the great Devin Hester, also talked up Dexter McCluster as a punt returner. Toub said he will compete with Javier Arenas and Devon Wylie for the job.

“McCluster is somebody that’s very intriguing to me,” Toub said. “He can really make you miss and I just think he’s got a lot of untapped potential as a punt returner. So we’ll let all three of those guys battle it out and may the best man win.”

With Toub’s history and his excitement over the group he is taking over, I expect to see solid results quickly.