Mailbag: Steve Breaston's future

Mid-week mail call:

Shawn from Ames, Iowa, wants to know if I think the Chiefs could take Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel in the second round.

Bill Williamson: We will have to see how Manuel performs at the combine later this month and at his pro day workout. Plus, we have to see how he compares to the other quarterbacks. Right now, I hear Manuel may be going in the third or fourth round. The stock of quarterbacks increases and falls dramatically as the process moves along, so it is difficult to predict if the Chiefs will target him early.

Denis Thornton from Houston wants to know if I think the Broncos can sign free-agent receiver Wes Welker.

BW: I think it could be a possibility, sure. There are some good receivers in the free-agent pool. I think Welker could fit in well with Peyton Manning, so I wouldn’t be shocked if Denver pursued him.

Kurt C. from Seattle wants to know if I think the new Kansas City regime will keep receiver Steve Breaston.

BW: It’s a good question. Breaston did not mix well with the 2012 coaching staff in Kansas City. After catching 61 balls in 2011, Breaston had seven catches last season. It all depends on what the new staff thinks of him. The Chiefs’ receiving crew has some question marks, so I am sure the new staff will take a long look at Breaston.