Chat Wrap: Wildcat coming to Oakland?

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Chad from Mile High: I love Champ, but is it time to make the transition to safety for him? Chris Harris is beginning to become a player and Tony Carter is making a name for himself as well. It is sad to say but watching him a step or two behind these younger WR's is not encouraging for the secondary.

Bill Williamson: The Broncos don't feel like it's time yet. Maybe next year, but it very likely won't happen this year. Champ will stay a starting corner.

Kansas City

Rich from Norfolk: Most of the Chiefs following want Geno Smith in the draft. Would he be a good fit in Any Reid's system?

BW: Do they want Geno Smith or do they just want a QB? I think some fans are so hungry for a young guy, they want the best guy available whether he is worthy or not .If Smith proves himself to be a top prospect in the next two months, I’m all for the Chiefs taking him. If he doesn't, I don't think he should be taken just because of need.


Ryan from Lake Tahoe: With Tony Sparano being paired with DMAC, will we see any wildcat in Oakland this year?

BW: The Wildcat is kind of yesterday's news. But Sparano has a history with it and McFadden used it in college, if it can help the Raiders, why not? I can see it being part of the package, at least. But I'd think it would be more of a complement to the game plan rather than being the primary run attack.

San Diego

Casey from Oakhurst CA.: Hey Bill. We love the blog up here in Oakhurst. The Chargers need a big dependable back like they had in Mike Tolbert. What names may become available that would interest the new front office? I read that Chris Ivery from New Orleans could be a cap casualty. Could you see them targeting him?

BW: Yeah, I can see a guy like Ivery being a fit there. They will be looking for those types of guys. Remember, McCoy comes from Carolina before Denver so if a Williams or a Stewart became available, they could be possibilities as well.