One less look at Matt Barkley

If Andy Reid was hoping to get a close-up look at Matt Barkley throw this month, it looks like he will have to readjust his plans.

The USC quarterback told ESPN radio he does not plan to throw at the NFL Combine, which will be held later in February. Top quarterback draft picks often choose not to throw at the combine and instead wait until their pro day workout.

Teams prefer it when prospects do everything they can at the combine. Barkley may be better served if he throws at the combine. He had a disappointing season in 2012 and he has fallen from a top prospect to a likely second-round pick.

The Chiefs will watch Barkley closely, along with the other top quarterback prospects. The fact that they won’t see Barkley throw at the combine may frustrate the team.

Meanwhile, West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith stumped to be the Chiefs’ pick in a radio interview.