Kiper Jr. doesn't like QB at No. 1 for Chiefs

Thursday, in Insider pieces, Todd McShayInsider and Mel Kiper Jr.Insider offered updated mock drafts. Friday, the two discussed some of the reasons for their picksInsider.

It was interesting to read Kiper Jr.’s thoughts on the Chiefs avoiding a quarterback with the No.1 pick. It is the same tack I have taken: I don’t think the Chiefs should take a quarterback at No. 1 if no player is worthy of the pick.

Here is what Kiper Jr. had to say on the subject: “I disagree that the No. 1 pick could be a QB. At this point, it's just hard for me to see Geno Smith, Matt Barkley or a guy like Mike Glennon being considered enough of a guarantee at that spot. I think where you see Kansas City think about QB is either at No. (34) overall, or if they trade up into the 20's and get a better value. And you're right, Todd, free agency or a trade could still solve that problem.”

If one of these quarterbacks somehow shows he is worthy of being the No. 1 pick in the next couple of months, then that’s a different story. If not, the Chiefs should find their next starting quarterback on the veteran market and address another need with the top pick. That is maximizing the overall talent of the roster.

In other AFC West news:

In an Insider piece, ESPN.com thinksInsider Oakland defensive tackle Desmond Bryant could be a steal in free agency. I agree. Bryant is a fine player who some teams might throw some money at. As far as AFC West fits for Bryant, I can potentially see Denver showing some interest.