Poll results: Veteran QB for Chiefs

Taking a sure-thing quarterback with the first pick in the draft is the easiest call in NFL scouting.

However, that is not the scenario facing the Kansas City Chiefs, those of unfortunate timing. In a year that the quarterback-starved Chiefs have the No. 1 pick, there is no quarterback in the draft who, as of now, appears worthy of being the top pick.

And that is reflected in our AFC West poll this week. We asked readers to vote whether they think the Chiefs should pursue a veteran QB through free agency, a trade or gamble and take a quarterback with the top pick.

It wasn’t even close.

As of 1:10 p.m. ET, 79 percent of the voters believe the Chiefs should grab a veteran, while 21 percent think getting a rookie is the right call.

In this current situation, I totally agree with the majority. If a rookie proves he is worthy of being the top pick, then I’m all for it. But so far, that doesn’t appear to be the case.