Mailbag: Melvin Ingram's rookie year

Mid-week mail call:

Bill Davis from San Diego wants to know what I thought about Melvin Ingram's rookie season with the Chargers.

Bill Williamson: To be honest, I was expecting more from Ingram. I thought San Diego really scored when he fell to No. 18 last season and I still feel that way. I think he will be a fine player and he showed flashes. But I was looking for more consistency from Ingram because I think he can be special. But the future is bright.

Jesse Howerton from Kansas City, Kan., wants to know if Oakland could sign running back Brandon Jacobs.

BW: I like the idea of Jacobs because he is big and Oakland could use a player like him. But I worry that Jacobs, 30, may have seen better days. He didn’t fit in San Francisco at all and the team moved away from him. On the other hand, I think he can come cheap, so if the price is right and the expectations weren’t super high, I could see a possible fit in Oakland.

Rust Crew from Dallas, Pa. wants to know if I think Andy Reid could turn to Matt Cassel this year.

BW: I know the Chiefs aren’t publicly closing the door, but I highly, highly doubt it. I expect Cassel to be cut. His time is there up. He was connected to the previous regime and he has to go. It’s a new beginning in Kansas City and it starts at quarterback.