Chiefs' timing wrong on Clowney

Tim Keown, in an ESPN.com piece, makes the case for South Carolina defensive end prodigy Jadeveon Clowney to be eligible for this year’s draft. Problem is, the NFL won’t allow it.

Clowney is not eligible for the draft until next year. I’m sure the Kansas City Chiefs would be all for the league bending the rules this year as Clowney would be the sure No. 1 pick in the draft.

It’s another reminder that this is such a bad year for the Chiefs to have the No.1 pick in the draft.

The Chiefs’ top need is a quarterback. A year after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III went 1-2 in the draft, there has yet to be a passer who has shown he is worthy of being the top pick this year.

Kansas City will get a good player with the top pick, just not one who has instant stardom stamped on him. For those questioning that Clowney isn’t a great position fit for the Chiefs because they have outstanding pass-rushers, it doesn’t matter. You take a player like Clowney regardless of need and gleefully watch him take over the league.

The Chiefs will only have that luxury if they have the top pick again next year.