Chat wrap: Setting the LT FA market

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Chad from Mile High: Is the Clady deal going to get done? His demands are obviously going to be higher than 10 mil a year considering he turned down the 5 yr 50 mil contract last year. Would hate to have to franchise him and risk losing him next year..

Bill Williamson: There has been talk that because of his shoulder injury, he may be franchised just as a precaution. But in the end, I think Clady will be in Denver for the long-term, whether it’s with an extension now or later. I think Denver should try to get a long-term deal now. What if KC gives Branden Albert a monster, monster deal? Then Clady's market goes way up.

Kansas City

JJ from Indy: As long as the Chiefs re-sign Albert and Bowe, you could convince me that the Chiefs are "okay" at any position except QB, DL, and CB. If the Chiefs sign Canty and extend Jackson at a lower rate, then I think DL is passable. Would the Chiefs take a look at Milliner at #1 overall if they don't like their QB options there?

BW: At No. 1 you go for value and I think a versatile D-lineman like Star L. from Utah has more value than Milliner at No. 1. If Canty is signed, he'd just be a rotational guy, anyway, so another lineman would be needed.


Ryan from Utah: It seems to me that you are only one of a few that really think palmer will start for oak next year. Why?

BW: I think it's pretty simple. If Oakland brings back Palmer, it will be to be the starter. If not, it's Pryor. I think the Raiders would like to get Palmer at a reduced price. Start him and then go to Pryor if Pryor makes strides.

San Diego

YOLO from YOLINGTON: Is it possible for Cordarelle Patterson to be chosen by the chargers if Warmack/Johnson/Fisher/Joeckel are gone?

BW: I think you put Milliner in that mix as well. If those guys are gone and Patterson has a good combine and pro day, yes, I see the fit.