Will Oakland keep Brandon Myers?

One of the more interesting AFC West free agents this year will be Oakland tight end Brandon Myers.

Myers broke out as a receiving threat in 2012. He had 79 catches and he was quarterback Carson Palmer’s top receiving target. He was a great bail-out option and he helped the Raiders' offense move.

This is a solid class of free agents in free agency, so it will be intriguing to see what Myers can fetch on the open market. He is one of Oakland’s priority free agents and the Raiders will likely try to keep him. Oakland doesn’t have any other proven tight ends and with a roster that is lacking in overall talent and has other needs, keeping Myers may be paramount.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. thinks Myers is a fit for Oakland’s new offense under coordinator Greg Olson, and that Myers simply wasn’t just a beneficiary of Greg Knapp’s West Coast offense.

“Myers certainly understands when to sit it down versus zone coverage and runs sharp enough routes to get open versus man as well,” Williamson said. “Oakland’s receivers have a lot of talent, but are just so erratic and inconsistent with their routes and responsibilities ... which makes Myers alluring for this passing game. Oakland should bring him back if possible.”

I think it will come down to the market and Oakland’s means, but keeping Myers should be at the top of the Raiders’ to-do list.