Reggie McKenzie craves dominant player

INDIANAPOLIS -- With no draft picks in the second and fifth rounds, Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie said he would be open to trading the No. 3 overall pick to compile other choices.

But the idea of being able to add a dominant player with that coveted pick is also tempting.

“A dominant player can change your roster, whether it’s on offense or defense,” McKenzie said Friday. “Look when Reggie White went to Green Bay, other guys suddenly got better. Nothing can help you like a dominant player.”

With his first premier pick as the team's decision-maker -- the Raiders didn’t pick until the end of the third round last year in McKenzie’s first year with Oakland -- McKenzie knows he has a huge opportunity.

He acknowledged that the Raiders will probably first look to address the defense at any position. The top of the draft is stacked with defensive talent.

“We should be in good shape,” McKenzie said. “We think we can find a guy who has a chance to be that dominant guy with that pick.”

Still, McKenzie said he owes it to the team to see if a potential trade could work. The trade market is not expected to be strong this year because of the lack of quarterbacks at the top of the draft.

“It just takes one to make the dominoes fall,” McKenzie said. “We have to be ready for everything.”