Elway hopes his team learned from loss

INDIANAPOLIS – Notes from John Elway’s media session on Friday:

  • Elway said the Denver Broncos could look for another running back but he likes this current group. He said Knowshon Moreno deserves a lot of credit for turning it on after Willis McGahee was hurt. He also said Moreno is a terrific player on third-down as a pass protector.

  • Elway reiterated that the Broncos want to keep left tackle Ryan Clady with a long-term contract, but it will wait until later in the year to pursue it.

  • Elway is hopeful Denver can rebound from home playoff loss to Baltimore the same way Denver did after it lost to Jacksonville in the 1996 playoffs. It was the same situation. The Broncos were the top seed and lost their first playoff game at home in both seasons. Denver went on to win the next two Super Bowls, which were Elway’s final two seasons as an NFL quarterback. He was 37 and 38 in those years. Peyton Manning turns 37. “I don’t want to forget last year,” Elway said. “I want them to realize it was a great year, but also don’t forget that feeling of what happened in the playoff game. Be able to learn from that. Hopefully we can build on it and get better from it, as we did in ’96, ’97 and ’98 were good years for us, so I’m hoping that we can learn like we did back then with this experience. I’m hopeful. We’ve got a good football team, so we think that we’ll continue to build on that and see what happens.”

  • Elway said he thought Manning exceeded his expectations because of how much Manning had to fight back from after having four neck surgeries. “I think he exceeded the expectations," Elway said. Now that I know what he had to go through and the things that he had to overcome with that neck, not so much physically, but mentally, he did a tremendous job in the way he worked at it.”