Draft trade market still soft

The leaders of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders both said at the NFL combine that they are open to trading their top picks in the right situation.

The Chiefs have the No. 1 pick and the Raiders have the No. 3 pick. The Chiefs would be interested in getting out of the top pick because none of the top prospects fit their most pressing needs. The Raiders would like to trade to get more picks. They don’t have choices in the second and fifth rounds.

The potential trade market seemed soft going into the combine because of the lack of a top quarterback. That feeling hasn’t changed now that the combine is over.

There just doesn’t seem to be a glut of top talent that teams will be clamoring to grab. It is a solid draft at the top, but many prospects appear to be equally ranked. So, it doesn’t seem like many teams will be willing to give up a bunch to go up and grab a particular player.

So, trading down may be tough for Kansas City and Oakland. The Raiders’ best chance may be to hope some team falls in love with West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith and try to make a deal with the Raiders at No. 3.

Anything can happen in the next two months and it only takes one team to be interested. But right now the trade market at the top of the draft seems still seems soft.