You pick it responses

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

We had a runaway winner in our “You pick it” feature this week.

Readers went with the big Week 6 for the AFC West. Oakland and Kansas City beat NFC East competition and Denver beat San Diego on Monday night. It was the first time since Week 16 of 2006 that three teams from the division won on the same weekend.

The other candidates were San Diego cutting starting safety Clinton Hart and Kansas City coach Todd Haley demoting receivers coach Dedric Ward. It was the second time Haley demoted an offensive coach in two months.

If Haley continues to gas coaches, that will be a major story, but for now I’m going with the big Week 6. I agree with the readers. It was a special weekend for a division that has struggled recently.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Chris from St. Louis, Mo.: It has to be the three teams winning in the same weekend. Not because three teams did it, but because Oakland and KC are so bad. They're going to win so few games this year that the odds of them winning on the same weekend were...well, I never would have bet on it.

Scooby Dude from Dallas, Texas: I understand that you cover all 4 AFC West teams, and that this could possibly be the last win of the season for either Oakland or KC, and it will almost certainly be the last time they BOTH win. However, the story of the week in the division is not "Big Week 6 for AFC West". It's "Broncos all-but clinch division", or at least some version of "changing of the gaurd". When we look back at the end of the season, Monday night's game will be the most important game in the division this season. It should be the stand-alone headline of the week.

Shawn from Scott City, Kan.: My chiefs getting their first W in forever is the storyline of the week my man! (I guess if you have to include the Donkeys and Raiders as your Big Week 6 story that's ok...)

Don Parsons from Hamilton, Ontario: Hi Bill,In my mind its got to be the cutting of Clinton Hart for several reasons. 1) This is a starting safety, on a long term deal of good money who was unceremoniously released. Not benched or so forth, just cut in the middle of the season.2) It has been seen before where AJ Smith holds onto mistakes too long and when he cuts one like this its big.The other stories in my mind don't really compare. Having 3 of 4 teams win is laudable but it isn't a big 'story' of any sort in my mind. As for Haley changing his coaching staff... In his short time there he has shown that he is willing to change it a lot so it isn't a big story in my mind.

Jason from Parker, Colo.: The storyline of the week has to be that 3 out of 4 AFC West teams won this week. Because 3 out of 4 of the teams in this division are looking absolutely terrible this season!!Even bigger is that the one who lost is San Diego who was supposed to be the front-runner for another ACF west divisional championship.BTW, GO BRONCOS.. DOUBTERS BEWARE.. BANDWAGONERS STAY AWAY.. Bronco country is only for those who stand by a team no matter what!!