Chat wrap: Chargers-Raiders trade?

Here is a look at some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Benw32 from snowy Colorado: How many Broncos games do you think will be in primetime this year?

Bill Williamson: What's the max, five? Probably, five. [Peyton] Manning is a ratings attraction. I wonder if the AFC West Week 1 MNF streak will continue. The second game of the doubleheader is always on the West Coast. SF and Seattle will be attractive this year.

Kansas City

Steve from KCMO: With the recent trade for Alex Smith will the Chiefs have a better year than last? Yes I know they went 2-14 and anything is better but will Smith make us a playoff contender?

BW: I don’t know if Smith alone makes this a playoff team. But he is an upgrade and so is [Andy] Reid. The Chiefs have to continue to do some things, but they are making strides.


Raid3r4lif3 from Texas: Geno Smith>Terrelle Pryor? Your Thoughts?

BW: Don't know yet. It would be a disaster if Oakland bypassed defense and took Smith instead of Pryor and Pryor ends up better.

San Diego

Baruch Kreiman From Los Angeles: What do you think of a SD-OAK trade in which SD gives its 1&2 for raiders 1, SD gets [Luke] Joeckel or [Eric] Fisher, and the Raiders get a second round pick?

BW: They might have to add to that a bit. I don't think the Chargers want to give a bunch of picks for Fisher where [Lane] Johnson may end up being just as good. Also, they wouldn't want to help the Raiders improve.