Rule change would be too late for Raiders

Take solace, Raider Nation, the tuck rule may be no more.

The NFL Competition åCommittee has proposed getting rid of the rule next week at the NFL owners meetings.

If it is passed, when quarterback pumps the ball and loses possession while bringing the ball back into his body, it will be ruled a fumbled. The controversial rule was inspired by a Tom Brady fumble in an eventual New England win over Oakland in the 2001 playoffs in a game the Raiders were close to securing.

The tuck rule has forever sent Oakland fans cringing. It seems like the pain may soon be over.

In other AFC West notes:

  • Denver safety Quinton Carter faces felony charges in Las Vegas on allegations that he cheated while playing craps at a casino. He missed last season with a knee injury, but the team thinks he has a future.

  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Matt Cassel will compete with Christian Ponder for the starting job in Minnesota. He was cut by the Chiefs after four years on Thursday morning. The quick action to sign Cassel shows the Vikings like him.

  • The Chicago Tribune reports the Raiders are still visiting with linebacker Nick Roach. He’s a starting quality player.

  • Running back Steven Jackson has signed with Atlanta. There has been speculation Denver could be interested. The Broncos may wait until the draft to find a running back.

  • The chances for a quick return to Los Angeles for the NFL took a hit. The Raiders and Chargers are considered the favorite to relocate there.

  • The run on cornerbacks has begun with several being signed Thursday. The Raiders and Chargers are looking for cornerbacks.