Chat wrap: Will Smith help trade market?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Ben from Boston: With all the moves Denver's made in FA, what do you think their top priorities are early in the draft? Seems like they need RB depth, an ILB, and some help in the pass rush.

Bill Williamson: I'm starting to think RB.

Kansas City

Drew from Iowa: Bill, any new thoughts on what the Chiefs will do with the #1 pick in the draft? Is it a possibility Arizona or Buffalo may trade up to draft a QB?

BW: Maybe the Geno Smith market picks up and the Chiefs could get some interest in the top pick. He had a good pro day today. That would be great for the Chiefs. (and Oakland at No. 3)


Dan from Rochester, NY: We all know that the Raiders don't have much money to spend. Why are they bringing in older players when they should be adding young players with at least some potential?

BW: Yeah, I'm a bit surprised by that too. Need younger guys who can develop. But they have a lot of holes so maybe the more the merrier at this point.

San Diego

Todd from San Diego: Did losing Vasquez really hurt the Chargers much? He never stood out and graded poorly at run blocking. I think they can get the same or better for less money.

BW: He's solid. Durable, smart. Plus, they need bodies. They didn't need losing one, especially to a rival.