NFLPA involved in Elvis Dumervil case

The attempt to keep Elvis Dumervil well paid and in Denver is on.

The Denver Post is reporting that NFL Player’s Association head DeMaurice Smith has asked for an inquiry into the bizarre situation involving Dumervil’s contract.

Also, the paper reported that the Broncos asked the NFL on Saturday if they would honor the verbal agreement despite the fact that Dumervil’s agent, Marty Magid, returned the fax of the restructured contract seven minutes after the deadline. The NFL predictably declined. The other 31 teams likely would have had a fit had the NFL reversed a league rule based a verbal agreement.

Still, the Broncos’ action shows they want Dumervil to return.

I think the key to Smith’s involvement is time. The Broncos and Dumervil cannot afford to wait an extended time for a ruling. The Broncos have to figure out who is going to be their second pass-rusher, and Dumervil has to get a job. Time is an issue.