Could Matt Barkley be on Oakland's radar?

Oakland general manager Reggie McKenzie reportedly attended Matt Barkley's pro day workout at USC on Wednesday.

Does that mean Barkley is an Oakland target? Not with the No. 3 pick. That would be way too high. Barkley is considered to be a choice in the Nos. 25-40 range. Oakland currently doesn’t have a second-round pick.

Plus, I’m not sure if Barkley is a fit for this offense. It was a short plane flight for McKenzie and he is scouting a lot of players. So, I wouldn’t necessary connect Barkley to Oakland based on McKenzie’s presence at the workout.

In other AFC West notes:

This Insider piece looks at how the addition of slot receiver Wes Welker changes Denver’s offense. It is a detailed look written by former NFL defensive back Matt Bowen.

South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore had an impressive pro day Wednesday, just months after a devastating knee injury. Many scouts think Lattimore is the most talented running back in this draft. But the injuries probably will put him in the range of Rounds 2-4. All four teams in the AFC West could use a running back. I’m sure Wednesday’s events were duly noted within the division.