Chat wrap: Chiefs' interest in Dion Jordan

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday.


Luke from Denver: If the Broncos do select a running back early, who will be the odd man out? Moreno or McGahee?

BW: I'm not sure if either one would have to go right away. But with that being said, this may be the final season in Denver for both players.

Kansas City

Jake from Lawrence: Why are the Chiefs looking so hard at Dion Jordan potentially being the number 1 overall pick?

BW: I think they are looking at a lot of guys and he has big talent. I know, they already have Hali and Houston. But if they think he can be a three-down guy, why not? But because he weighs just 250, Jordan may be a better fit as a 3-4 outside linebacker and the Chiefs are in pretty good shape there. So, is an interesting fit.


PT from Franklin, NC: Do you think Pryor will get a legit chance to start or does Flynn's contract make him the default starter in Oakland?

BW: Did you see Flynn's deal? $6.5 million. You don't pay a backup $6.5. Only way Pryor starts this year if Flynn is a bust in the preseason. Perhaps he will be beaten out for the second straight camp (it was Russell Wilson last year), but I think Oakland expects Flynn to keep the job.

San Diego

Karl from AZ: If Fredrickson from WI is there in the 3rd round do you think SD would grab him as an eventual successor to Hardwick?

BW: They also like the kid they drafted out of Michigan last year. That's the thing about the Chargers' O-line. They need help but in Molk, Harris and Troutman, there are some potential starters in the next year or so.